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Why Terry McFlynn will Always be our Captain

Here is a piece that should fire the players, the club and the fans for the game tonight.

This is why Terry McFlynn will always be our captain no matter who wears the arm band, here’s the message we sent him this morning:

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Today might only be a job to many of the boys, 90 mins out of their weekend and nothing more. To us this club is our true love, we shed sweat, tears and often blood on derby day for you.

The players can shrug off bad performances “there’s always next week” and all that other bullshit sports psychology rhetoric, but for us there isn’t – we live and work amongst our enemies. We are reminded daily of their alleged dominance.

The first home derby this season we were utterly humiliated and the game was over in 20 mins. Not one man could leave the field with head held high, not one understood what it means to wear our shirt.

Terry you are the heart and soul of this football club, the only one we please make sure the lads understand what today means to our support and that they give everything. We will forgive losses but not lack of effort.


The Cove

And here is the great mans response:

Thank you very very much for your message.
You always have been and always will be the best supporters in the country. It has been and honour & a privilege and more importantly my DUTY to serve & play for you. This club is in my blood. This club is my family. Everyone of you is my brother & my sister. And you should never let down or disappoint your family.

The players know what tonight means to OUR family. The new players have been told what’s expected. And now it’s time to stand tall, shoulder to shoulder, pump our chests out and be proud. Be proud of that badge that we wear above our hearts.
See you tonight.

Kind Regards

Every player that ever puts on the Sky Blue should always remember its more than just a job or football.