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Sydney Derby Travel Details – Sat 11 Jan 2014

Saturday 11th January
A-league Round 14
Parramatta Stadium
Kick off 7:45pm

If you are wanting to drink in the city, The Royal Exhibition Hotel will be the place to be. We’ll kick off pre drinks from about 2pm.

There will be a Cove Raffle with a bunch of great prizes that will be confirmed shortly, so please buy as many tickets as you can afford and support the best tifo crew in the land.

The raffle will be drawn around 5pm and we’ll head over to Central at approx 5:30pm to catch the 5:51 (Platform 18) to arrive at Parramatta 6:23pm.

For those coming from other parts of the city, Parramatta station will be the best point to meet. Be there from 6:20pm to meet the Train and we’ll make the way to the stadium in big numbers making plenty of noise and with lots of colour, so bring your two-sticks and flags. We’ll confirm what needs to be checked in with the stadium management in the coming days.

Further to the above our train arrives at Parramatta station at 6.21pm, we will exit on the Argyle street side of the station.

At 6.30pm our support will march down Argyle street.

When we arrive onto O’Connell street we will stop shortly to allow our full support to amass, before heading down the middle of the road to the stadium.

If you’re still in need of a ticket come game day, the best chance to pick one up with be at the REH pre-match, likewise if you have a spare(s). Last year there were plenty being handed out in the lead up to kick off. If you do miss out all together the REH will surely have the game on all the bigscreens.

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