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Sydney Derby: Why Sydney Will Always Be Sky Blue

It really is time to scrape these clowns under our boot-heel, we’ve already smashed them this season, now it’s time to take away the only meaningful thing left in their embarrassment of an A-League season….beating us. It’s all they have left this year, a year so bad that they’re giving the NZ Knights a run for their money in stinking the joint up.
Their fans have demonstrated that they’re not the ‘special’ sort they thought they were, trying to fight their players and staying away in droves now that their jammy streak has come to a screeching halt. The only special thing about them is the treatment they get from the FFA.

While their fans may bleat about how they’d rather win the ACL than the A-League (something they’ve never done, failed twice at actually) we all know that the humiliation week-in week-out is their lot this year, let’s make sure we keep it that way.
Some interesting facts:

  • Crowds – Our average gate is over 25% larger than theirs, despite all the hullaballoo about how many memberships they’ve sold, we get the bigger crowds week in, week out, and have done since they began to stain our beautiful city.
  • TV Viewership – Sydney FC is easily the most watched football team in the country, the games we play in are almost invariably the most watched.
  • Goals – Marc Janko, despite a slow start and missing a couple of games has scored just 2 goals less than their entire team this season, I expect him to equal their miserable tally tomorrow. We’ve scored more goals in our last four games than they have in their entire season, half of them against the top two teams in the league.
  • Points – We’re 21 points clear of them, more daylight than Antarctica in summer.
  • They say that they “Run this town”, lol, they couldn’t run a fucking chook raffle far less this Sky Blue City, the only thing they’ve ever run is their mouths, and it’s coming back to haunt them, big time.

It’s time for us to make sure they never, ever forget their place in this city, second-best, second-rate, second-class, small club. Today should be such a complete humiliation that it scars their club psyche for decades and embeds itself in our lore alongside Valentines Day and 5-0.

Every player on our team should be prepared to eviscerate these bozos in front of their home crowd, every second should be agony for them, every moment anguish as the harsh reality hits them that they have been exposed as the lacklustre football club they truly are now that the FFA is no longer holding their hand.

Every fan who’s going should be prepared to be unable to speak for a week, you should be heard clearly in the latte parlours of East Sydney.
Every fan who cannot go to the game should be watching it in a pub or club, and making their presence felt across the city.

If you’re a fan and you’re not wearing sky blue today, whatever you’re doing, why the fuck even bother getting up at all? FIRE UP.
A few words from our good friend Grant Muir to keep in mind.

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