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Pre-match March – Round 1 – Friday 11th October 2013

As ‘The Cove’ is trying to improve of all areas of active support, it has been recommended we try a new marching style to the place we call home in Moore Park.

The goal of this march is to improve the ‘pre-game’ atmosphere that some feel have been lacking in previous seasons and to create a buzz that has never been fulfilled inside the walls of the SFS! ” The Cove” this year really want to kick things up a couple of notches, and really unify our home end! At the end of the Day we are one gigantic Football family, with the power to do immeasurable things!

With this march we ultimately aim to keep chanting pre game and really give everybody the chills that the season of 2013/14 ‘The Cove’ means business! Unfortunately this can only be successful by spreading the word to friends, family, absolutely anybody, turns up excited as all can be participate 100%!

Bring your flags, your banners, your 2-sticks, your streamers, your balloons your VOICES & Most importantly YOURSELF!



Meet up: 6:15pm Corner of Crown and Fovaux St @ Shannon Reserve.

Leave: 6:30pm

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