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Heaven was looking down on Sydney 3 Years ago

While for most Valentine’s Day means chocolates, flowers and spending time with your wife or girlfriend, for Sydney fans it means beating the Tards on the last day of the season to take out the Premiership in front of a 25,407 strong home Sky Blue crowd. If that wasn’t enough to top our season, we did it all again against the Tards down in Melbourne winning in penalties to take out the Championship away from home. One truely special season that will live in the minds of Sydney FC Fans for years to come.

So don’t forget to remind your missus that the 14th February is also a special day for your significant other Sydney FC.

Check out some match day photos and highlights below.

Happy FTT Day.


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600px-Pre-Game Sydney FC 2-0 Melbourne Victory Round 27 14.02.2010

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