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Nothing But Blue Skies – No.1 – 13/01/13

What is ‘Nothing but blue skies (NBBS)’?

People asked for song sheets regularly at each home game, it was suggested to me that we could probably do a little more and make them interesting not just for people new to the Cove, but the rusted on stalwarts that most of us have already become. It will contain chants, info on upcoming away trips, merch updates, match reports, thoughts of fellow covites and basically anything that you guys want to see, so I’ll be looking for your feedback after today’s game. Keep in mind this is a test issue only so please be gentle.

Can I contribute to ‘NBBS’?

Absolutely. I’m currently putting this together at 3pm on a Friday afternoon at work, so anycontributions – be it content or design I would welcome with open arms. Ultimately I want this to be a fanzine that is a true voice of the fan in the stands.

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How often will you make ‘NBBS’?

I’m hoping that with enough interest/content to have one for each home game from now on.

How can I get in touch with you about contributing?

The best way to get in contact with me regarding this fanzine is sending me a private message through the forum on the Cove’s website My username is ‘deadpool’. Hope you enjoy this mini-issue, as I said it was hastily put together on a Friday afternoon. Hopefully next issue we’ll have more content for you.