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Never Forgotten – RIP William "DoggaDog" Duran

On March 5th 2006, a few minutes before 7pm, I made my way down row AA of Bay 23 high-fiving and rejoicing the inaugural Grand Final win with a few friends I’d made over the course of the 8 months previous. As I neared towards seat 05 my world went black. I was enveloped in a bear hug by a hulking mass of a man whose sweat-drenched mop of hair lashed at my face. That man was the one known to many as Doggadog. A man who was as endearing in his kindness and generosity as he was boisterous, loud and brash. If you didn’t know him, you knew of him… or at very least you heard him. He fired us on vocally, with fervour that few matched, but was always good for a laugh. All in all, just a terrific man to have around.

A little over a year and a week ago, we mourned his loss. A few days later we mourned as one here in The Cove, pausing for a moment before the game to show our respects(front cover and below). It was one of the most emotional experiences I’ve seen at the football, with dry eyes a rarity amongst the large number of you that I’ve come to know over these years. The singing and drinking continued long into the night in his honour , as he did so often through his own natural character, his passing had united us.

Such was the presence of the man that we continue to remember him, a year on and forever more. Do so today in the ways that would have made him happy.

Sing Loud, Sing Proud!

Rest in Peace Mate.

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