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Article authoring for SFCU v1.0

Season Preview

This guide describes how to submit an article for publication on


• You have an SFCU account

• That account is configured as an author account

• You are logged in to

• You have at least a little familiarity with HTML

Preparing the article

1. Write the text – the full text of the article should be written before going through the submission process, I suggest using a plain text editor like notepad or something equally simple, all formatting will be done on, so the simpler the text editor the better.

You’ll be cutting and pasting, not uploading files, so formatting text outside of sfcu is a bit of a waste of time. Your article should be designed with 2 parts, an intro which is a picture and couple of sentences describing the article, giving readers a taste of the content and the main body of the article.

The intro is what is shown on the front page of and it has a very strictly enforced look and feel Format the Intro text

Open the following link then cut and paste the content into your text editor

Intro Text file

Now cut and paste your two intro sentences over the “FIRST SENTENCE GOES HERE” and “SECOND SENTENCE GOES HERE”

be sure to keep the “


“parts intact (those are HTML paragraph markers).

Now your article is ready to be finalised on SFCU.

Put the Article in the SFCU Editor

Open the home page, on the left, about halfway down, you should see a white menu called Author Menu.


If you can’t see this menu, check that you are logged in, if you are logged in let me know and I’ll check your authorisation.

Click on Submit Article and a new page will open, wait till everything has loaded then follow the instructions below


Now click [Toggle Editor] and wait for the icons to come back.

Add your photo

Your screen should now look like this


A pop-up window will appear like this:


sex vines

Your window should now look something like this.


If you want to you can add an image title, and have it as a caption, but that is not necessary.

There is one more step necessary to complete the Intro


Your Intro is now completed.

Insert the rest of the Article

Now you can cut and paste the rest of the article below the red dotted line, this part will only appear when the reader clicks on the ‘Read More’ button when the article is on the front page, or when they navigate to the article through the menu system.

Formatting the Article body.

If you wish, you can format the article body, but it is not usually necessary, just make sure that there are lines between paragraphs to ensure that it is readable.

Saving the Article

Once you are happy with the content and structure of the article, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click ‘Save’

Please do not fill in any of the other fields, these will be managed by the Editor responsible for your content.

Getting the article reviewed and published

When the article is saved, you should PM the relevant editors to let them know that there is an article ready for publication.

Editors do 4 things

1 – Evaluate – Editors review submissions for suitability. Articles which are considered irrelevant, knowingly untruthful, plagiarised, highly offensive, defamatory or just plain crap will be rejected.

2 – Proofread – Editors make sure that all of the spelling, grammar and punctuation is correct or fix it if it is not, editors may make small changes to fix readability issues too.

3 – Formatting – Editors make sure that articles look good on the site, so they may make formatting changes to the article to fix ‘look and feel’ issues.

4 – File and Publish – Editors decide which category an article belongs in, and when it is to be published.

Any major changes will usually be discussed with the author prior to publication. If you have issues with an Editors decision, please try to resolve it with them, if you can’t ask them to escalate it to me (Jubal1)

Current Editors are:

News & Reports Editors: Leigh & Nattus

Feature Editor: Mental

Ownership and Rights

• If you write an article for us, you retain the right to publish it anywhere else you want, anytime you want, and you don’t have to ask us. It’s yours, do whatever you want with it.

• You will be given creative credit for all articles published on the site (your name as author)

• You retain the right to have any article you have published on removed (redacted) from at any time, and for any reason.

• reserves the right to remove any article from at any time without the authors permission.

• will not allow your article to be republished elsewhere without getting your permission first.