2017-18 SFCU Player of the Season - results  

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Full results for the 2017-18 SFCU Player of the Season are now available. This year's winner is Adrian Mierzejewski, who picked up 11 MOTMs, 11 second-places and 2 thirds for a total of 55.5 points. In second place was Bobô with 37.8 points, followed by last year's winner Miloš Ninković with 29.3.

The results for each match and the full final standings are on the front page:

As always, thanks to Jubal for hosting the site and James for setting up the slick voting system. We received a total of 932 votes in the 39 matches (an average of just under 24 voters per match), which was down a bit from previous seasons, but thanks to the 137 people who voted at any point throughout the year. Thanks especially to the following users, who voted regularly:

bernieibini12345 - 39 (every match!)
sydneyfc_FTT - 38
garuna - 37
mcflynnsboot - 37
Clovis - 36
leftfoot007 - 30
Plops - 29
pietro - 29

Previous winners:

2011-12: Nick CARLE
2012-13: Alessandro DEL PIERO
2013-14: Vedran JANJETOVIĆ
2014-15: Miloš DIMITRIJEVIĆ
2015-16: Filip HOLOŠKO
2016-17: Miloš NINKOVIĆ
2017-18: Adrian MIERZEJEWSKI

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When newspapers report a chess game, they don't show you the final move. They show you the position ten moves from the end because that is the most dramatic situation... The moment of the goal is not particularly interesting. What happens just before the goal: that is much more interesting.

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Jesus that's woggy.

so sayeth a member of the tifo crew and well 'ard football hooligan in general.Lokomotiv Cove: Home of the Fingerbangs

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Thanks as always for running it. Hopefully next season will be less disrupted. 

Posted : June 3, 2018 9:43 pm
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Thanks heaps for running this and major apologies for missing so many rounds. Think it was so much easier to miss the way it was run this year

Posted : June 3, 2018 11:26 pm
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Great work and many thanks. Always look forward to the scores.

Posted : June 3, 2018 11:46 pm
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Big thanks, as always, to all involved in running this. It's much appreciated.

Posted : June 4, 2018 11:53 am
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Thanks for running this. I missed a few rounds but it is one of the things I love about the forums

Terry McFlynn, everywhere I look around

Posted : June 4, 2018 1:09 pm

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