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Just need one of Brilliante/O'Neill to go now and we hit the... 3 weeks  ago
Watch us only get 400k for him off some Arab club lol 3 weeks  ago
I thought Risdon performed great, especially considering the... 3 weeks  ago
Looking beyond the World Cup if Jedinak can keep this level ... 4 weeks  ago
The lack of a striker is really all that's holding us back f... 4 weeks  ago
I'm an Arnold fan but I think the FFA have made a bit of a m... 4 weeks  ago
Leckie does all the work and finds Kruse open on the penalty... 4 weeks  ago
After a whole lot of hassle in store, I was able to grab the... 1 month  ago
Got through the Uruguay v Egypt game with no interruptions u... 1 month  ago
Was gone the moment the full time whistle blew against Melbo... 1 month  ago
Arzani is good enough. Throw him in. 1 month  ago
The Rogic experiment is surely over. It's a shame because he... 1 month  ago
If I've ever seen a player play themselves out of a starting... 1 month  ago
Call me old fashioned but I'd like for our CB's to be CB's. ... 1 month  ago
If he does go it will be + cash in a swap for Neymar.  1 month  ago
Unlike most I'm happy with Cahill going. Big game player wit... 2 months  ago
Anyone else having a bit of trouble getting the One stream t... 2 months  ago
Juric now apparently also out with Maclaren set to be recall... 2 months  ago
Does anyone know where in Australia to pre-order the Nigeria... 2 months  ago
Posted by: shabbyPosted by: JohnnyRicoYou're absolutely delu... 2 months  ago
Posted by: shabbyPosted by: JohnnyRicoYou're absolutely delu... 2 months  ago
For those interested in a bet, Sportsbet have us at $6.50 to... 2 months  ago
Giannou should never really get another look in with the NT.... 2 months  ago
If it were an outright purchase I'd be all for it. Sharing a... 2 months  ago
If a team does manage to purchase half of Wellingtons licens... 2 months  ago
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