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Great signings if they can actually bother to put in effort.... 3 days  ago
How can someone who’s played 16 games in 6 years even still ... 5 days  ago
 The most participated sport in the country and they think m... 6 days  ago
Posted by: RedKatFoxSports saying Oars going to be a marquee... 2 weeks  ago
Posted by: Schoolboy ErrorsWhy on earth are they doing a far... 3 weeks  ago
Don’t feel for players like Spiranovic who simply made horri... 3 weeks  ago
Would Oar be one of the biggest ‘what could have been’s’ In ... 3 weeks  ago
And he wants 3 mil for a season? The non-footballer earning ... 3 weeks  ago
Will be massive if they can both work their way into the sta... 3 weeks  ago
I don’t mind Milligan. Think he can do a decent job at the b... 3 weeks  ago
Might get third kit. Others meh. Haven't picked up a jersey ... 1 month  ago
I’d be willing to put down some cash if I were the club. Cou... 2 months  ago
Posted by: FinstaWell that worked out pretty bloody convenie... 2 months  ago
Just need one of Brilliante/O'Neill to go now and we hit the... 3 months  ago
Watch us only get 400k for him off some Arab club lol 3 months  ago
I thought Risdon performed great, especially considering the... 3 months  ago
Looking beyond the World Cup if Jedinak can keep this level ... 3 months  ago
The lack of a striker is really all that's holding us back f... 3 months  ago
I'm an Arnold fan but I think the FFA have made a bit of a m... 3 months  ago
Leckie does all the work and finds Kruse open on the penalty... 3 months  ago
After a whole lot of hassle in store, I was able to grab the... 3 months  ago
Got through the Uruguay v Egypt game with no interruptions u... 3 months  ago
Was gone the moment the full time whistle blew against Melbo... 3 months  ago
Arzani is good enough. Throw him in. 4 months  ago
The Rogic experiment is surely over. It's a shame because he... 4 months  ago
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