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Posted by: MollerI recorded the film last night - worth watc... 1 week  ago
If Domaldo can (no longer on these forums)..mind you, he’s f... 2 weeks  ago
I'm supposed to have had 8.1 hours sleep last night but I'm ... 2 weeks  ago
I was considering an Asian language earlier in the year, may... 2 weeks  ago
Booooo!!! 2 months  ago
Haven’t seen the replay but the second yellow seems a little... 2 months  ago
He’s just appointed Chris Greenacre as Assistant Coach, a po... 4 months  ago
That truly is some  mind bending shit, people accuse the pub... 4 months  ago
Posted by: nickkoPosted by: marinermickPosted by: FinstaYeah... 4 months  ago
Wow, that’s impressive! 4 months  ago
So, who won what? 4 months  ago
Has anybody tuned in to Rosanne to see what it was like?How ... 4 months  ago
Nice. 5 months  ago
Posted by: hscopeI've been watching the German Netflix serie... 5 months  ago
Posted by: ClovisJust played episode 1 of  season 2 of Legio... 5 months  ago
“Life of Ryley” 5 months  ago
Posted by: nickkoPosted by: CountArachUrgh Still wouldn't tr... 5 months  ago
I wish they’d stop putting that pic of B Speed up on the bot... 5 months  ago
First of 3? 6 months  ago
Ridiculous challenge by Dylan Fox. Grrr. 6 months  ago
Posted by: Blue SkyWould be epic if Brisbane and Perth draw ... 6 months  ago
Eric Bristow, 🎯 treble 20.Heart attack. 6 months  ago
Congrats Bobo!! 6 months  ago
Mothe fucker!!!!! 6 months  ago
Posted by: eddiePosted by: demotedDIt’s going to be a long 2... 6 months  ago
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