Chant List

Below is a list of The Cove main chants – head over to Supporters Toolkit if you want to get involved.

We are the Sydney Boys

(Scarves up)
Capo – The boys in blue
Capo – we’ll always be
Capo – We are the cove
Capo – Bay 23
Cove – BAY 23

(Scarves waving)
sha la lala la la
sha la lala la la

Bernie Ibini Chant

we signed this kid named Bernie
His hair is short and curly
We went to the coast to bust him out,
we had to get there early

we signed this kid Ibini
so he can play for sydney
to rock a rhyme thats right on time,
we do it for ibini

Live and breathe for you

Sydney FC,
We live and breathe for you,
Until the end of time we’ll follow you,
Sydney FC,
We live and breathe for you,
Until the end of time we’ll follow you,
Ole! Ole!
Sydney FC Ole!
Our life,
Our love,
Our hearts we give to you

Sung on the 23rd minute

Oh the rhythm of my heart,
is beating like a drum,
the words I love you rolling off my tongue,
No never will I roam,
for I know my place is home,
Until the ocean meets the sky,
I’ll be Sydney

We love you
We love you, we love you, we love you,
and where you play we follow
‘cause we all follow Sydney
and that’s the way we like it, we like it we like it

Banner and flags

When our banners and flags are all waving,
And the Cove is a sea of sky blue,
Sydney boys will be helped by our singing,
come on Sydney win for the Cove

Take me to the Harbour

“Sydney, Sydney, Oh Sydney” said I
I will stand in Moore Park ‘til the day I die
Take me to the harbour, way down by the sea,
where I will follow Sydney, Sydney FC

Sydney goes marching in

Oh when Sydney,
Goes marching in.
Oh when Sydney goes marching in,
I want to be in the Cove,
Oh When Sydney goes marching in


I am Sydney Til I die,
With a knick knack paddywhack,
Give a dog a bone,
Melbourne scum can f*ck off home

Moonlight Shadow

Where you go we always follow
Sydney save our heart from sorrow,
Dancing and singing for you all day long,
Oh Sydney we love you

Every day I love you more

Ole Ole Ole
Ole Ole Ola
Ole Ole Ole,
every day I love you more,
Oh Sydney FC,
It’s such a feeling,
I cannot stop.


We are Sydney

We are Sydney <CLAP>
The famous Sydney FC <CLAP>
We’re from the Harbour city<CLAP>
The boys in blue from Moore Park Road

Ants go marching in

When you hear the sky blue sing
Sydney, Sydney
we’re going to win the a-league ring,
Sydney, Sydney
We’ll get the ball, we’ll score a goal
we’ll win the league we’ll f*ck ‘em all,
Sydney FC, Australia’s football team

Sydney is sky blue

Oh Oh Oh, Oh Oh Oh,
Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh
Oh Oh Oh, Oh Oh Oh,
Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh
Sydney <CLAP><CLAP>
Is sky blue
Sydney <CLAP><CLAP>
Is sky blue
Sydney <CLAP><CLAP>
Is sky blue
Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh

Alessandro Del Piero

Ale, Ale,
Ale, Ale, Ale,
Alessandro Del Piero,
He is Sydney’s Number 10

Terry McFlynn

T-McFlynn, McFlynn,
He does what it takes to win,
He’ll batter your knee caps in,
T-McFlynn, McFlynn

Rhyan Grant

Rhyan Grant,
Rhyan Grant,
Rhyan Rhyan Grant,
He’s got shit hair but we don’t care,
Rhyan Rhyan Grant