The Cove: 2013/14 Season Compilation

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Includes footage from every Home and most Away games of the season plus the making of and deployment of all of The Cove tifo's this season. 

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FFDU Awards 2014 - Vote for SFCU

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Just a short reminder to make sure you get your votes in for FFDU Awards for 2014.

Click Here to Vote -

Last year Won Australian Football Supporters Club Website of the Year. Hope we can keep the title again this season.

Other Nominees that should get some votes too include:

Aus Supporter Club Website: SFCU
Print Publication: Nothing But Blue Skies
A-League footballer: Alessandro Del Piero & Abbas
Female Footballer: Perry, Taylor, Polias, Bolger & Kerr
Bar of the year: REH/Bat & Ball 
Supporters Club Event: SFCU annual fundraiser


The Cove's Response to 12/2/14 Meeting

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To All Sydney FC Fans:

By now everyone who is interested has had a chance to read and digest then club’s statement regarding our meeting with them where we raised a number of issues with them.

We want a club that is fully capable of making the next cycle of decisions about Sydney FC's future, whenever those decisions happen, we believe that those decisions are critical to the club's future and will determine the fate of the organisation for the foreseeable future We believe that if the wrong choices are made and the wrong plans put in place, the opportunity to achieve the potential that this club so clearly has, will be lost for a very long time.

We strongly urge Mr Traktoventko, majority shareholder, someone whose commitment to our club and whose integrity we deeply respect, to use his expertise and extensive contacts in the football world to appoint an appropriate independent expert to lead a full review of all aspects of Sydney FC, to develop a skills and capabilities improvement plan for the club and to execute that plan.

We believe that this is the best way to ensure that the club will be able to get the next cycle of decision making and development absolutely right, whenever that may happen and to ensure that the club has the greatest possible opportunity to achieve the massive potential that our beloved Sydney FC so clearly has.