MOTM: Round 10 Melb Victory v Sydney FC 2014/15

mvfclogo V sfclogo

  • Allocate six points any way you want to Sydney FC players who made it onto the pitch.

  • Voting Closes before next game.

  • For the actual player of the year, the top three pointscorers each week will get 3 - 2 - 1 points for the final tally. However, 2nd and 3rd won't be announced each week.


MOTM 2014/15 james23 1 Month ago
MOTM: Round 10 Melbourne Victory v Sydney FC 2014/15

Use all 6 votes to vote for player(s) of the round

Alex Brosque
Alex Gersbach
Bernie Ibini-Isei
Marc Janko
Milos Dimitrijevic
Nick Carle
Nikola Petkovic
Pedj Bojic
Peter Triantis
Rhyan Grant
Sebastian Ryall
Shane Smeltz
Terry Antonis
Vedran Janjetovic
The vote is already over! It ended on Sunday, 21.December 2014 (10:00).

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Nothing But Blue Skies Issue 12 - October 2 - 2014

Nothing But Blue Skies Issue 12

We're Back!

After another long off season, made infinitely more bearable due to a certain competition in Brazil over the winter, local football is finally back in our lives. Despite the overhaul we’ve seen at the club, ultimately we would have t await judgement til balls were kicked in anger, and we’ve seen plenty of those already this season (Marc Janko v Brisbane perhaps the pick of the bunch), but this week we face perhaps our sternest test of the season so far in the form of Melbourne Victory.

I must also issue an apology for there being no NBBS for the first few home games of the season, however we are back and here to stay so keep your eyes peeled at the pub pre game and in the Cove for your regular dose of everything fan related in Sydney.

We have a host of new sections in the Magazine to get excited about, some of which we just had to put in and some for which we’ll be asking your input.

As always make sure to head over to our Facebook page as well where you can find out how to get involved!

- Marty

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Preview: The Big Blue - We Hate Melbourne

The electricity is surging through Sydney as the biggest game of our calendar has arrived. Many will argue that the Sydney Derby is our biggest fixture but for the purists and longstanding fans, Melbourne Victory is our biggest and oldest rivalry.

Melbourne Victory travel interstate to take on our lads at the Sydney Football Stadium. To some, it’s just another game to win. But to me it’s so much more. Not only is this game about bragging rights for the winner of the game, but it’s also bragging rights for which city is better. This is just another battle in a longstanding war, a battle between two of the foundation clubs and between the biggest cities in the country.

As it currently stands this particular game, against our fiercest enemy, has the makings of being another classic. I am expecting the game to deliver in entertainment, action and goals and deliver those in spades.


Right off the bat, I would like to again point out that this game could be potentially missing stars as Football Federation Australia does not accommodate FIFA’s International Calendar.

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The Cove in Action - SFC v WSW - Round 2 2014/15

Checkout this Video of The Cove in Action during our 3-2 come from behind win over WSW in the Sydney Derby.

Sydney FC versus Western Sydney Wanderers
Allianz Stadium


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